District Achieves 10-Year Sustained Success With Elementary and Middle School Reading Program

Craven County School District, New Bern, North Carolina (NC)


DETAILS: District Profile: 14,896 students in grades Pre-K-12, 22 schools (14 elementary, 5 middle, 3 high school); Demographics: Rural, Free/reduced Lunch: 46%; Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American: 36%, White: 60%, Hispanic: 1%, Other: 1%.

RESULTS: Since the implementation of Accelerated Reader with best practices, 3rd- through 8th-grade students districtwide have achieved large gains on the North Carolina End of Grade (EOG) Test.

REPORTING EDUCATOR: Dr. Ted Kaniuka, associate superintendent.

The report is available online.

Publication Date:

Updated: 07/01/2002

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