Reading Achievement: Effects of Computerized Reading Management and Enrichment

NA (site), Cherryville and Gastonia, North Carolina (NC)


DETAILS: Location: Cherryville and Gastonia, North Carolina; Design: Independent, quasi-experimental, peer-reviewed; Sample: 100 students in grade 9; Measure: California Achievement Test (CAT) Duration: 5 years.

RESULTS: This study showed that a randomly selected sample of students using Accelerated Reader gained 72 points from pretest (3rd grade) to the posttest (8th grade) on the CAT. In contrast, randomly selected students from the control school gained only 42 points during the same span of time. The students using Accelerated Reader started off with lower average pretest scores than the control group and still demonstrated greater acceleration in learning over their counterparts. Additionally, students that used Accelerated Reader read more books and spent more time reading than the students at the other school.

PLEASE NOTE: The Summary of this peer-reviewed journal article: Peak, J. P., & Dewalt, M. W. (1994). Reading achievement: Effects of computerized reading management and enrichment. ERS Spectrum, 12(1), 31-35 is available online.

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