Average Number of Students Meeting Delaware State Standards Increase by More Than 15 Percentage Points

Milford School District, Milford, Delaware (DE)


DETAILS: District Profile: 3,679 students in grades K-12; Demographics: Urban fringe, Free/reduced lunch: 36.9%; Race/Ethnicity: Black/African American: 28%, Hispanic/Latino: 6%, White: 65%, Other: 1%; Measure: Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP); Duration: 1999-2003.

RESULTS: Milford High School began using Accelerated Reader in spring 2000; by fall, all five schools in the district had implemented Accelerated Reader. Then, the district piloted Accelerated Math in a summer school program, and because of its success all schools implemented the software in fall 2000. Eventually, as funds became available, Milford expanded its implementation to include Accelerated Writer and StandardsMaster. In the last 4 years, the percentage of students in the district meeting or exceeding state standards on the DSTP has increased an average of 16.0 points in math and 15.3 points in reading. The implementation of Renaissance tools has also positively impacted student attitudes toward reading, and library circulation has more than tripled.

REPORTING EDUCATORS: Robert Smith, superintendent; Mary Herrera, director of elementary and special education; Robert Sutcliffe, director of secondary education; and Gene Kerns, reading and writing instructional specialist.

The full report is available online.

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