The Effect of School Renaissance on Student Achievement in Two Mississippi School Districts

Multiple schools, Pasgacoula/Biloxi, Mississippi (MS)


DETAILS: Location: Pascagoula and Biloxi, Mississippi; Design: Independent, quasi-experimental; Sample: 10,000 students in grades 3-8, 23 treatment/18 control schools; Measures: Mississippi Curriculum Test (MCT), Mississippi Writing Assessment, School Climate Inventory (SCI); Duration: 2 years.

RESULTS: This report summarizes the results of the 1st year of a 2-year study that was designed to evaluate the student achievement and organizational climate at schools implementing Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math with best practices, compared to matched controls. More than 60% of the students participating in this study were eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. MCT results favoring Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader were found in reading (median effect size 0.11), language arts (median effect size 0.12), and math (median effect size 0.08). The researchers also found that the organizational climates reported by teachers at treatment schools were significantly more favorable than those reported by teachers at control schools on all 7 dimensions of the SCI, with effect sizes ranging from 0.20 to 0.54.

AUTHORS: Steven M. Ross, PhD and John A. Nunnery, PhD.

Report available online.

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