A Comparison of Progress Monitoring Scores and End-of-Grade Achievement

NA (site), NA (city), Florida (FL)


DETAILS: Location: Florida; Design: Independent, realibility and validity research; Sample: 1,077 students in Grade 6, 7, and 8; Measure: Star Reading, Scholastic Reading Inventory-Interactive, and Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test; Duration: 4 months.

RESULTS: This peer-reviewed journal article from Bob Algozzine, Chuang Wang, and Anatoli Boukhtiarov at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte examined the extent to which an interim progress monitoring assessment in reading (Star Reading) could predict later performance on a high-stakes test (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test). Star Reading was found to be a good predictor of FCAT.

CITATION: Algozzine, B., Wang, C., & Boukhtiarov, A. (2011). A comparison of progress monitoring scores and end-of-grade achievement. New Waves-Educational Research & Development, 14(1), 3-21.

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Updated: 04/06/2011

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