Accelerated Reader to Model Certified School: Harris Elementary Increases Stanford 9 Reading Scores 10.5 Percentile Ranks in Two Years

Harris Elementary School, Mesa, Arizona (AZ)


DETAILS: School Profile: 645 students in grades K-6; Demographics: Title I, Free/reduced lunch: 31%, Mobility: 16%, Limited English Proficiency: 6%; Race/Ethnicity:American Indian or Alaska Native: 2%, Asian or Pacific Islander: 2%, Black or African American: 3%, Hispanic or Latino: 24%, White: 69%.

RESULTS: After implementing best classroom practices with Accelerated Reader, Stanford 9 (SAT-9) reading scores increased 10.5 percentile points in 2 years.
REPORTING EDUCATOR: Jane Weber, reading specialist and School Renaissance coordinator.

The full report is available online.

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Updated: 11/01/2001

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