What are the effective pedagogies involved in developing a reading scheme?: National Research Themes R&D Project

Waydon, Ash Manor, & Broadwater Schools, Surrey, UK, England, United Kingdom


This first of its kind report in the UK is unique for a number of reasons - some of which are listed below:
- Quotes OFSTED giving a ringing endorsement to Accelerated Reader (AR)
- Explains how AR needs to be part of a whole school strategy including checking Star Reading results
- Puts pedagogy at the centre of making AR successful (ie should NOT be just a library initiative) and thus gives AR credibility
- Links all this to published received practices (eg Husbands and Pearce)
- Shows how schools who are existing users sometimes 'don't get it' and need invigoration and help re RSP for example (Ash Manor - at the beginning of the project, the school had decided to withdraw from this system)
- Lists a number of strategies and techniques for success and motivation

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