Special Report: Trends in Student Outcome Measures: The Role of Individualized Reading Practice

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This study examined patterns of growth and expected college and career readiness according to the extent of individualized reading practice accomplished by students.The most recent version of Accelerated Reader provides a balance of independent reading practice with nonfiction reading and close reading skills practice. For the purpose of this study, we focused on the independent reading practice component of the program. We drew upon large databases comprising over 2.8 million students to compare independent reading practice as tracked by Accelerated Reader with the typical performance of students who do not use the program. Whether examined by grade or by populations of interest (struggling readers, English learners, and students in free or reduced lunch programs), independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader was associated with better student performance and higher levels of annual growth. And notably, the better the program was implemented, the better the outcomes were for students.

This study of Accelerated Reader will help customers understand how our solutions help achieve meaningful outcomes. It shows that students that use Accelerated Reader and use it well experience accelerated growth and are far more likely to be college and career ready.

The full report is available online.

Publication Date:

Updated: 09/19/2017

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