Redefining Individual Growth and Development Indicators: Phonological Awareness

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From the abstract: "Learning to read is one of the most important indicators of academic achievement. The development of early literacy skills during the preschool years is associated with improved reading outcomes in later grades. One of these skill areas, phonological awareness, shows particular importance because of its strong link to later reading success. Presented here are two studies that describe the development and revision of four measures of phonological awareness skills: Individual Growth and Development Indicators Sound Blending, Syllable Sameness, Rhyming, and Alliteration 2.0. The authors discuss the measure development process, revision, and utility within an early childhood Response to Intervention framework."

Citation: Wackerle-Hollman, A. K., Schmitt, B. A., Bradfield, T. A., Rodriguez, M. C., & McConnell, S. R. (2015). Redefining individual growth and development indicators: Phonological awareness. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 48(5), 495-510.

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Updated: 09/01/2015

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