Early childhood literacy screening (Individual Growth and Development Indicators)

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From the abstract: "This chapter reviews the current status of screening assessment for tiered interventions in early literacy for preschool-age children and highlights emerging and needed research in this area. It first provides an overview of shifts in intervention and assessment in early childhood services broadly and early literacy development specifically, and provides a general introduction to the core elements of early literacy development. Next, it critically reviews current approaches to language and early literacy assessment and screening in early care and education. It then identifies the state of knowledge and practice regarding these approaches and discusses challenges to ongoing development and opportunities for future research in this area." Includes reliability, concurrent validity, sensitivity, and specificity for (Individual Growth and Development Indicators( IGDIs), CIRCLE-Phonological Awareness, Language, and Literacy System+ (C-PALLS+), and Get Ready to Read! Revised (GRTR-R).

Citation: McConnell, S. R., Bradfield, T. A., & Wackerle-Hollman, A. K. (2014). Early childhood literacy screening. In R. Kettler, T. Glover, C. Albers, & K. A. Feeney-Kettler (Eds.), Universal screening in educational settings: Evidence-based decision making for schools (pp. 141-170). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

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