A Comparison of Rapid Picture and Rapid Color Naming Screeners

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From the abstract: "In recent years, there has been a proliferation of 'rapid naming' tasks intended for use in early educational screening of reading and other difficulties, including exhibiting characteristics of dyslexia. One widely used measure is the Arkansas Rapid Naming Screener, which asks students to rapidly name sets of colors presented in random order. Despite the measure's widespread use, there is no publicly available psychometric evaluation of this assessment. In this study, we evaluate the psychometric properties of the Arkansas Rapid Automatic Naming Screener and compare it to an alternative rapid picture naming screener, which asks students to correctly name as many well-known and randomly sequenced pictures as they can in one minute. Results suggest that each measure exhibited appropriate psychometric evidence to support their use. However, the typical scoring strategy for the Arkansas Rapid Naming Screener of recording the time a student takes to complete the assessments was shown to produce a form of censored data, and to have lower reliability and concurrent validity with other curriculum-based measures compared to reporting correct per minute scores. Additional analyses suggested that the two rapid naming screeners should not be used in isolation to identify students as being at risk for dyslexia, and that the percentages of students classified as being at risk decreased as more CBMs measures were used. The study concludes with discussion of what results mean for those who want to employ rapid automatic naming measures as part of screening students for characteristics of dyslexia."

Citation: Wyse, A. E., & McConnell, S. R. (2021, June). A comparison of Rapid Picture and Rapid Color Naming screeners [Paper presentation]. 2021 Annual Meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education: Bridging Research and Practice.

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