An Evaluation of the Impact of the Lalilo Software Program: Research Report Prepared for Renaissance Learning

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From the study: "The purpose of this report was to evaluate the Lalilo software program. Three research questions guided the current study.

1. Do students in classrooms using Lalilo experience more growth in literacy skills relative to students in classrooms that do not use the program?
Overall, students in schools that used Lalilo grew at a greater rate than students in schools that did not use Lalilo.

2. Do classrooms that follow best practice guidelines for the program confer greater student growth relative to classrooms that do not?
More specific measures of fidelity or usage benchmarks may shed light on the relationship between adherence to best practice guidelines and student growth in early literacy skills.

3. To what degree is the intensity in which Lalilo is used (e.g., number of lessons completed / number of minutes program was used) related to the magnitude of growth in literacy skills amongst students in classrooms that use the program?
Increasing the number of minutes or days spent using Lalilo was not critical to the improvement in weekly growth of early literacy skills. Instead increasing the number of learning objectives validated resulted in the largest improvements".

Citation: Van Norman, E. R., & Forcht, E. R. (2024). An evaluation of the impact of the Lalilo software program: Research report prepared for Renaissance Learning. Center for Promoting Research to Practice, Lehigh University.

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