Informed Choices for Struggling Adolescent Readers: A Research-Based Guide to Instructional Programs and Practices

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This book reviewed research-based practices for helping struggling adolescent readers and evaluated reading programs based on their alignment with those practices. The authors only reviewed programs that could be useful with struggling adolescent readers, that included instructional components or that could inform instruction, that were appropriate for adolescents, and that have been implemented widely in a variety of settings and with a range of students. The authors identified 48 programs that met those standards. The criteria used to evaluate those programs included the following: Availability of professional development, use of data driven tools and assessments, ability to motivate and engage reluctant adolescent readers, and the number and type of evaluations and research studies. Accelerated Reader was included in the review, and of the 48 programs, was one of only three that had more than 10 evaluations and 10 peer-reviewed studies.

AUTHORS: Donald D. Deschler, PhD, Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar, PhD, and Gina Biancarosa, PhD.

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