Guided Independent Reading

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DETAILS: Location: Accelerated Reader hosted customers; Design: Analysis using hosted customer database; Sample: 2,284,464 students in grades 1-12; Measure: Star Reading; Duration: 1 school year.

RESULTS: This study of Accelerated Reader was conducted to update the original Guided Independent Reading publication (Paul, 2003) with a larger, more current sample and analyses targeted to recent trends in educational standards and recommendations. Results generally supported the Accelerated Reader Best Practices shaped by Paul's (2003) analyses. Quality (comprehension), quantity (engaged reading time), and difficulty (average percent correct) emerged as key factors to consider in creating successful student reading practice, with quality (comprehension) being most important. Trends indicated that students should strive for high levels of comprehension while challenging themselves to read increasingly more complex text, and that they need to spend about 25 minutes per day reading, which requires roughly 35 minutes of daily scheduled reading time.

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