Just Pressing Buttons? Validity Evidence for the STAR and Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments

Marysville Public Schools, NA (city), Washington (WA)


From the abstract: "As long as American public school students continue to take tests, those in the field of educational measurement who develop and use tests are exhorted to uphold high standards of practice. For testing experts working in public school districts, this means being very clear about the purposes of various assessments and then being able to describe and produce evidence of validity for those purposes. This paper considers challenges to the validity of the Star (Star Math and Star Reading) and Smarter Balanced assessments on the grounds of content and anomalies in administration. It then examines correlations between the test scores as evidence of validity. The results show strong correlations."

Citation: Monpas-Huber, J. B. (2015). Just pressing buttons? Validity evidence for the STAR and Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments. The WERA Educational Journal, 8(1), 39-44.

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