Evaluating the Efficacy of Using a Digital Reading Environment to Improve Reading Comprehension within a Reading Clinic

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From the abstract: "This study examined the effectiveness of using the online digital reading environment (myON) to increase elementary students' comprehension within a reading clinic. Preservice teachers at a four-year university in the Midwest worked one-on-one with 58 fourth-grade students from three schools who were assigned to one of three conditions: print-based text instruction, hybrid instruction consisting of equal time with print and online digital reading environment, and digital-based text instruction. Students participated in 12 tutoring sessions lasting 75 minutes each, consisting of instructional activities targeting their areas in need of improvement. Multiple pre- and post-intervention measures of reading comprehension were collected. One-way analysis of variance results indicated that after controlling for initial reading achievement, there was a main effect for condition on comprehension."

Citation: Ortlieb, E., Sargent, S., & Moreland, M. (2014). Evaluating the efficacy of using a digital reading environment to improve reading comprehension within a reading clinic. Reading Psychology, 35(5), 397-421.

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