Best practices in monitoring progress for preschool children

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From the summary: "School psychologists have a growing portfolio of measures, assessment practices, and infrastructure supports (both data management and training) to support this expansion of effective practices into early care and education. In particular, three measures-Picture Naming (a 1-minute measure of expressive vocabulary) and Rhyming and Alliteration (two 2-minute measures of phonological awareness)-form a suite of EL-IGDIs. These three measures, alone and in combination, can be used to monitor preschool children's progress toward early literacy and reading benchmarks from age 3 to kindergarten, and can be the basis for both more focused program evaluation, RTI programming, and a problem-solving approach to serving preschool children at risk for reading acquisition difficulties in elementary school."

Citation: McConnell, S. R., & Missall, K. N. (2008). Best practices in monitoring progress for preschool children. In A. Thomas & J. Grimes (Eds.), Best practices in school psychology (5th ed., pp. 561-573). Washington, D.C.: National Association of School Psychologists.

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Updated: 01/01/2008

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