COVID-19-Related Learning Loss: What a detailed analysis of content can tell us about potential academic impacts of school closures and how to mitigate them

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From the Executive Summary: "One of the most currently discussed questions is the nature of the "COVID-19 slide" or "learning los" that will be seen when students return, whether online or in person, for the 2020-2021 academic year. Predictions have employed all manner of methodologies and ranged from moderate to dire. However, outside of rather general guidance, most published predictions have offered few resources to mediate any loss. This paper takes a different approach.

Based on a detailed content analysis from Renaissance's empirically-validated learning progressions, we predict that for reading the most adverse impacts will be felt in the earliest grades (Kindergarten and Grade 1), and for mathematics, hardest hit will be students in high school mathematics courses (particularly Algebra 1 and Geometry). Beyond predictions, Renaissance is making available a resource site with detailed, specific recommendations on the most essential skills for reading and mathematics, tailored to each state's standards. Educators and administrators can prioritize these Focus Skills to aid in mediating any loss."

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