Mid trial report: Trial of myON by Renaissance

Multiple sites, Multiple cities, Turkey


DETAILS: Location: Turkey; Design: Internal, correlational; Sample: Students in Grades 2-7; Duration: 8-week trial between May 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020. RESULTS:'The results of the analyses of the Lexile scores showed that there were positive gains in the pupils' reading ability, on average, between the pretest and the posttest at each grade level and that gains increased as grade increased which is desirable. In addition, a strong relationship (.67) was evident between the average number of words read and average change in Lexiles by grade, indicating that the number of word reads was a strong predictor of growth in reading. In addition, the amount of time spent reading as well as number of books read suggests myON helps foster reading habits known to improve English learning. Analyses of the two major research questions support the use of myON for extensive reading in the EFL classroom.'

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