Teacher-directed interventions vs. Freckle (for math): A study in the efficacy of Tier II Interventions

NA (site), NA (city), Iowa (IA)


From the abstract: "As teacher shortages become greater and student needs increase, schools are trying to find ways to implement Tier II interventions to a growing population of students with fewer qualified adults. Many schools are turning to technology-mediated interventions to meet the needs of students. This study compared the effectiveness of the technology-mediated intervention Freckle to teacher-directed instruction interventions on the overall performance of students on their yearly growth on the Fastbridge aMath test. The study found that both interventions had a similar effect on overall performance, with the technology-mediated intervention being slightly less effective for those students that have trouble with self-directed instruction."

Citation: Den Hartog, K. (2023). Teacher-directed interventions vs. Freckle: A study in the efficacy of Tier II Interventions [Master's thesis, Dordt University].

The study is available online.

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