A study of the use of technology to prevent summer reading loss (myON)

Joliet Public School District 86, Joliet, Illinois (IL)


The intent of this study was to determine if keeping students engaged with voluntary reading over the summer using myON would prevent the "summer slide" - the tendency of students' reading achievement to decline during the time they are not in school, and are generally not academically engaged. The study involved 280 students who had recently completed grades 2 and 3, most of whom were from low-income families and thus most vulnerable to summer learning loss. It concluded that myON had a significant positive effect on the students' performance on the Aimsweb literacy measures over the summer, in contrast with a comparison group that did not use myON. Students using myON experienced increases in independent reading levels, and there was a positive correlation between the intensity of myON use (number of books read and amount of time spent in the program) with reading achievement gains.

Citation: Rodgers, D. M. (2016). A study of the use of technology to prevent summer reading loss (Doctoral dissertation, University of St. Francis).

The full study is avialble online: <https://www.proquest.com/docview/1853474952?pq-origsite=gscholar&fromopenview=true&sourcetype=Dissertations%20&%20Theses>.

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